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We understand your:


You don't need to have a fully formed plan; we'll talk through your ideas and help you transform them into something unique and special.


We don't just create products; we also offer expert advice and design them to meet the needs of your target customers, drawing on our extensive market experience.

We ask the questions others don't, ensuring we fully understand your goals and requirements.


You can launch your unique products for significantly less than you might expect—about 70-80% less than other manufacturers. Our fees are fully inclusive with no hidden costs.


Begin your journey as you see fit. Choose from either fully completed products ready for sale, or import your own packaging and add your own labeling.

Point of Difference

Once we've designed your product, we never share it with any other customer, regardless of who owns the formulation. YNP provides a solution for those aiming for success in the higher end of the market without the usual complexities. Our experience spans from startups to established brands exporting globally, so we're confident we can assist you and your business at any stage.

Skincare Manufacturer
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